Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil
Igreja Evangelica Luterana do Brasil (IELB)

The first LCMS missionary came to Brazil in 1900 at the request of German immigrants living in Brazil. Our Seminario Concordia was established in 1903 and one year later, in 1904, the Igreja Evangelica Luterana do Brasil (IELB) became a district of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The motto of the church for its centennial is “Christ for All.”

Contact Information: Profile:
Igreja Evangelica Luterana do Brasil Parishes: 533
Av. Cel. Lucas de Oliveira, 804 Congregations: 1,486
Bairro Mont’Serrat Mission Stations: 529
90440-010 – Porto Alegre, RS Baptized Members: 243,520
BRASIL Communicant Members: 179,585
Active Pastors: 862
Phone: +55-51-3014-2111
FAX: +55-51-3332-8145
E-mail: presidente@ielb.org.br
Web Site: http://www.ielb.org.br/
President: Rev. Rudi Zimmer

Colleges and Seminaries- view

  • Seminario Concordia
  • Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA)