Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina

Iglesia Evangélica Luterana Argentina (IELA)

Our church began November 1905 in Aldea San Juan, mostly among Russian-German immigrants. Today the work is done in Spanish. We have two emphases: Mission work: “Christ for all” and education to recover an evangelistic church. We also do social work in many places in Argentina. We own and operate one seminary and numerous colleges that have 4,200 students.

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Iglesia Evangelica Luterana Argentina Parishes: 73
Ing. Luis Silveyra 1639/55 Congregations: 231
1607 Villa Adelina Baptized Members: 27,890
Buenos Aires Communicant Members: 20,631
ARGENTINA Active Pastors: 73
Phone/Fax: 011-4766-7948
E-mail: presidencia@iela.org.ar
E-mail copy: iela@iela.org.ar
Web Site: http://www.iela.org.ar
President: Rev. Carlos Nagel

Colleges and Seminaries- view

  • Seminario Concordia
  • Colegio Luterano Concordia
  • Instituto “La Paz”
  • Instituto Concordia
  • Colegio Concordia, Rio IV