The Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE)

The ELCE began in 1896 when six young bakers from Germany requested a pastor from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, each pledging 20 percent of their income to support him. Their congregations, first in Kentish Town and then also in Tottenham, quickly became bilingual and then fully English-speaking, recognizing the importance of the local language for the mission of the church. From 1954, mission activity began in other parts of Great Britain. They are now spread throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Initially pastors were called from overseas to serve these missions, but increasingly the church looked to its seminary program at Westfield House in Cambridge to supply its pastors. A fuller history of the ELCE can be found on the above web site link.

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church of England Congregations: 14
28 Huntingdon Road Baptized Members: 1,000
Cambridge Communicant Members: 1,600
CB3 OHH Active Pastors: 13
Phone: 44-1689 822340
Web Site:
Chairman: Rev. Jon Ehlers

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  • Westfield House House of Theological Studies