Gutnius Lutheran Church (GLC)

The first LCMS missionaries settled at Yaramanda, in what is now Enga Province, in 1948. A local tribal leader of the Wauni tribe, Mr. Minjuku Yasima, had met missionaries in Olgebeng, south of Yaramanda, and took the initiative to go there and ask for missionaries to come to his place at Yaramanda. The first missionaries to arrive were Rev. H. Freund and Mr. Patrick Kleinig from Australia and Dr. Willard Burce and Dr. Otto Hintze from the United States. The Good News has been proclaimed ever since.

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Gutnius Lutheran Church Congregations: 550
Concordia Haus, Irelya Baptized Members: 125,000
 P.O. Box 100 Communicant Members: 100,000
Wabag 291, Enga Province Active Pastors: 250
Phone: 675-547-1002
Fax:     675-547-1192
Head Bishop: The Rev. Nicodemus Aiyene

Seminaries- view

  • Timothy Lutheran Seminary at Birip (highlands)
  • Martin Luther Seminary in Lae (coast)