The ILC’s Executive Committee as of 2018: Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee; LCP President Antonio Reyes; Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, then ILC General Secretary; LCC President Timothy Teuscher; SELK Bishop Hans-Jörg Voigt, Chairman of the ILC; ELCE Chairman Jon Ehlers; FELSISA Bishop Dieter Reinstorf; and ELKB President Gijsbertus van Hattem, ILC Secretary. Not pictured: IELB President Rudi Zimmer.

The International Lutheran Council is led by an elected Board of Directors composed of a Chairman and Secretary as well as one representative from each of its five World Areas (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America). The Board elects a Vice Chairman from among its own members. The Board may also appoint additional members to the committee as it deems necessary.

As of 2019, the Board of Directors is composed of:

  • – Chairman Hans-Jörg Voigt (Bishop of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany – SELK)
  • – Secretary President Gijsbertus van Hattem (President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Belgium – ELKB)
  • – Africa Representative Bishop Dieter Reinstorf (Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa – FELSISA)
  • – Asia Representative President Antonio Reyes (Lutheran Church in the Philippines – LCP)
  • – Europe Representative Chairman Jon Ehlers (Evangelical Lutheran Church of England – ELCE)
  • – Latin America Representative President Eugenio Wentzel (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Paraguay – IELP)
  • – North America Representative Timothy Teuscher (Lutheran Church-Canada – LCC)
  • – Appointed Member Rev. Dr. Robert Bugbee (Lutheran Church-Canada – LCC)
  • – Appointed Member President Matthew C. Harrison (The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod – LCMS)
  • – General Secretary Rev. Dr. Timothy C.J. Quill (non-voting, ex oficio)