ILC commends Dr. Collver for faithful service, names Interim General Secretary

Rev. Dr. Albert Collver speaks at the ILC’s 2018 World Conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

WORLD – The International Lutheran Council (ILC) has named Darin Storkson as Interim General Secretary, taking over for Rev. Dr. Albert Collver who announced his resignation as General Secretary earlier this month.

In a farewell letter to members of the ILC Executive Committee, Dr. Collver cited a desire to pursue other opportunities. “I appreciate your service on the Executive Committee,” he wrote to his colleagues, “and believe that the ILC is important for worldwide Lutheranism. I wish you all well.” Dr. Collver first joined the ILC as its Executive Secretary in October 2012.

The Executive Committee received his resignation with great regret. “Dr. Collver’s service to the International Lutheran Council and world Lutheranism has been extraordinary, with far reaching results and accomplishments,” noted Bishop Hans-Jörg Voigt, Chairman of the ILC. “We thank him for his invaluable work, and we pray every blessing upon him as the Lord places him in his next field of service to the church.”

Dr. Collver’s tenure as General Secretary saw the International Lutheran Council dramatically increase its presence on the world stage. During his service, the ILC entered into an international informal dialogue with the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity; officially incorporated, and adopted new bylaws; welcomed 20 new church bodies into membership over two successive world conferences; and launched the Lutheran Leadership Development Program, among other accomplishments.

Darin Storkson at the ILC’s 2018 World Conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

On March 19, the ILC Executive Committee appointed Darin Storkson to serve as Interim General Secretary. Prior to this, Storkson served as ILC Deputy General Secretary. He began working with the ILC in 2017.

“Darin Storkson brings great knowledge of the work of the International Lutheran Council, having served with Dr. Collver for some time,” noted ILC Chairman Voigt. “He will ensure the important work begun in recent years not only continues but thrives. May God bless him in this new role, and through him the witness of confessional Lutherans worldwide.

Storkson has a strong background in international affairs, formerly serving as a diplomat with the International Committee of the Red Cross, a foreign direct investment consultant, and a director in various international roles for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod for fourteen years.


Mathew Block

Mathew Block serves as Communications Manager for the International Lutheran Council. He is also editor of The Canadian Lutheran magazine, and formerly served as Communications Manager for Lutheran Church–Canada.

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9 thoughts on “ILC commends Dr. Collver for faithful service, names Interim General Secretary

  1. Dr. Collver has been untiring in his sacrificial work for the building up of Confessional Lutheranism the world over. Those who have been privileged to work with him know full well the theological acumen, dedication and faithfulness he has brought to the task. His concern and love for church leaders and churches around the world who are coming in record numbers to take refuge in the ILC will be his enduring legacy. Thank God for Dr. Collver and for Interim General Secretary Mr. Darin Storkson who brings extensive experience and expertise in international church relations . May our Lord bless them both.
    Dr, Timothy C. J. Quill

  2. I concur with everything that Dr. Quill wrote. Dr. Collver’s passion for world Lutheranism is unprecedented. The recent huge “success” of the first two courses of the Lutheran Leadership Development Program (LLDP) may be recognized as a clear witness to it, which, I know, all the participating bishops, presidents, and general secretaries alike of the Lutheran Churches from around the world passionately agree. What has motivated Dr. Collver in his tough duties was love of Christ and earnest prayer that His church may be given both confessional integrity and maturity/growth. Without him having visited a vast number of Lutheran Churches around the world, establishing personal trust relationships with their leaders, listening carefully to the unique need of each location, serving with them as a dear colleague and brother in the office, and without him sacrificing a half a year on average to be away from his beloved wife and children for the sake of the Lord’s work, the LLDP has never been born and has never been this successful. All of us in our church owe Dr. Collver our deepest and humblest gratitude for his labor of many years for both LCMS and ILC. The Lutheran bishops and leaders of ILC will miss their trusted friend. We will all miss his leadership that is based on the Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. No one can possibly replace him because he is not only a leader with organizational and financial skills but a theologian, a churchman, a church historian, and a humble helper of church leaders as the one who understands their culture, background, and struggles. I pray that the Lord may grant Dr. Collver worthy reward. I also pray, as Dr. Quill does, for the Lord’s richest blessings on both Dr. Collver and Mr. Darin Storkson.
    Dr. Naomichi Masaki

  3. When I worked with Dr. Collver as a deployed missionary and then as a church relations representative, I learned to appreciate this tireless theologian and faithful churchman. His dedication, faithfulness, and theological acumen was great assistance and inspiration to me as I served in the region of Eurasia. I thank Dr. Collver for his work in the ILC on behalf of confessional Lutheranism and pray God’s blessing in his next area of service. While Mr. Darin Storkson brings valuable experience and skill to his position as interim General Secretary of the ILC, I pray for the Lord to give him opportunity and stamina to continue the tradition of encouraging the spread of confessional Lutheran theology and practice from its member churches throughout the world.

    Rev. Daniel S. Johnson
    Chairman, Siberian Lutheran Mission Society (SLMS)
    Mission Advisor to the Bishop of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC)

  4. Surprised by this unexpected turn of events, I am at some loss for words. Just when things are stabilizing and start to run somewhat consistently Dr. Collver leaves the helm of this confessional institution. That´s a big loss for us at the Old Latin School and the International Lutheran Society of Wittenberg too. It´s just a few weeks back that he introduced a good pack of African bishops, presidents, pastors and teachers to our place. At that time all were very much convinced, that this project of ongoing training for confessional Lutherans in the heart of Germany is a very good idea indeed. Full of good impressions all were just so eager to return for the next session. Thank God, for the continuity provided in the appointment of Darin Storkson, who has worked closely and effectively with Dr. Collver for some years already. Here at the Old Latin School we pray for a smooth transition in the works of the ILC and look forward to working even closer and more effectively with the new general secretary moving forward. As I got to know him better last year, when he took me in to stay at his place in St.Louis for some weeks, I am convinced that he will do a good job of running a tight ship and a straight course. It´s what the ILC stands for after all. God bless the ILC – worldwide!

  5. Saddness is gripping all of us in the IELC on the sudden existing of a talented, confessional Lutheran and a great theologian. Dr. Collver, I am sure will excell where ever he goes and what ever he does.
    We also have comfort that Dr Collver’s baton is passed on to an apt candidate, Mr Darin whom we all love very dearly. He will surpass all the expectation.
    God’s blessings to both of them!

  6. Long ago, I attended a session in which Dr. Collver explained what it meant by ‘MERCY, WITNESS & LIFE TOGETHER’. I strongly believe that Dr. Collver demonstrated it boldly and brought many churches across the globe under the ILC. I commend the services of Dr. Collver to the LCMS and ILC.
    Like-wise, we are very proud of his successor, Mr. Darin Storkson. An able and efficient man, capable of making good decisions without fear or favor. I am very fortunate to know him for more than a decade. I am sure he would take ILC to another new level like Dr. Collver.
    I pray for God’s blessings for both of them.

  7. I am surprised by this sudden change. Dr. Albert Collver was doing tremendous work for the ILC and the LCMS. I wish him success in all his doings.
    I am happy to welcome Mr. Darin Storkson, to the new position. He is equally good in the field and he will exceedingly do well. I wish Mr. Darin all the very best in this new position.

  8. I would like to say thank you to Rev. Dr. Collver, for what he has done for worldwide Lutheranism this past decade, for what he has taught me personally about Church Relations and for all the contacts he introduced me to in many different countries across the globe.
    He is a faithful pastor, professor and author and is very loyal to the LCMS.
    God’s richest blessing to him and his family.

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