Darin Storkson named Deputy General Secretary of the ILC

ILC Deputy General Secretary Darin Storkson at the 2018 World Conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

ANTWERP – The newly inducted and installed Executive Committee of the International Lutheran Council (ILC) has named Darin Storkson as the ILC’s Deputy General Secretary, filling a post created following the ratification of the ILC’s new bylaws during the 2018 World Conference in Belgium. Storkson had already been unofficially functioning in the role for more than a year.

As a former diplomat with the International Committee of the Red Cross, a former foreign direct investment consultant, and a director in various international roles for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) for thirteen years, Storkson brings significant international experience and capacity to the ILC to engage and build partnerships with international church bodies.

“It’s a pleasure to officially welcome Darin as Deputy General,” said Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, General Secretary of the ILC. “I’ve worked directly with Darin for several years and look forward to serving with him in this new capacity. His expertise will be an invaluable asset to the International Lutheran Council as it faces ever-expanding opportunities to assist confessional Lutherans around the world in their proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

For the last thirteen years, Storkson has served the LCMS in various capacities. From 2005-2011, Storkson served as a regional director for LCMS World Relief and Human Care. He then served as the Office of International Mission (OIM) Regional Director for Southern Asia and Oceania from 2011-2014, as Senior Regional Director for Asia from 2014-2016, and finally as Assistant Director of Church Relations in the Office of the President from 2016 to the present.

“Darin joined LCMS World Relief after the great Asian tsunami,” noted LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison. “His decades of experience living and working overseas with NGOs and churches have been an invaluable blessing. He has especially insisted on integrity and accountability in the use of funding, and he has been tireless in assisting partners with the building of administrative capacity.”

“This is a watershed moment for global Lutheranism,” says Storkson. “The solidly biblical and confessional theology of the ILC is attracting new Lutheran partners right and left, and we are embracing these exciting opportunities for new partnerships in the Gospel. The expansion of our international relationships has been a hallmark of the ILC in the last several years, and it is a tremendously exciting opportunity and blessed privilege to be part of such a great organization and contribute to the historic growth of confessional Lutheranism around the world.”

In his new position, Storkson will assist the ILC General Secretary Dr. Collver with the day-to-day management of the expanding work of the International Lutheran Council.


Mathew Block

Mathew Block serves as Communications Manager for the International Lutheran Council. He is also editor of The Canadian Lutheran magazine, and formerly served as Communications Manager for Lutheran Church–Canada.

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8 thoughts on “Darin Storkson named Deputy General Secretary of the ILC

  1. I am much delighted. Mr. Darin Storkson deserves this position more than anyone. I know Mr. Storkson well and have close association with him since 2005. Mr. Darin was instrumental in providing relief to the Tsunami victims when he served the LCMS World Relief and Human Care. He has great concern for the church relations and I am sure that he would excel in this new position. God bless him and his endeavors.

    1. Hearty congratulations to Mr Darin Storkson for this great opportunity to serve the ILC. He is a God annointed man. He is serving the Lord and the Church faithfully.

  2. Wonderful!! I think the ILC has done a great job in choosing Mr. Darin Storkson as the Deputy General Secretary.

  3. Very much pleased with this announcement. Mr. Darin is doing great ministry around the world and mainly in India. He is an honest and committed man always struggling for the cause of the church. God bless Mr. Darin!

  4. Glorious!!! as a person of IELC i am very much glad to see our loving brother Mr.Darin Storkson as a Deputy General secretary to ILC,
    Honor God by honoring a man of God.

  5. Congratulations to Mr Darin Storkson! We in the India Evangelical Lutheran Church are very much excited. We are very proud of Mr Darin Storkson! God bless you Sir!

  6. This is a great news for all of us. I very much appreciate the International Church Council for appointment of Mr Darin Storkson as the Deputy General Secretary. Prayers and best wishes for Mr Darin Storkson!

  7. Naming Mr. Darin Storkson as the Deputy General Secretary of the ILC is a brilliant decision . The ILC has experienced significant growth in member churches over the past decade and has engaged in many endeavors around the world to strengthen the growing number of church bodies, seminaries and church leaders who are seeking partnership with others who are committed to Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and the faithful proclamation of the pure Gospel and administrations of the Sacraments. In my positions as Director of International Studies at Concordia Theological Seminary and International Theological Education with the LCMS Office of International Mission I have worked with Darin for many years . He is known for his clear thinking, vision, and unwavering commitment to Lutheran Doctrine and Practice . He is known around the world for his administrative skill and honesty. The ILC is truly blessed to have a man of such proven integrity and broad international experience as Deputy General. Secretary . God bless you and your work Darin.

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